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Returning to France for studies

Hello there,

I was in France for 1 academic year (2021-2022) as an international student and left France after 1 year. I have my Carte Vitale card and social security no.

I am planning to return to France to pursue Master studies next year. I need some clarifications and any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

1. What should I do when I return to France regarding the social security no and Carte Vitale card?

2. Do I have to re-apply for the social security no and Carte Vitale card?

3. I still have my old Carte Vitale card with me no, what should I do with it ?

Thank you.


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Bonjour ros,

As you left France, your rights to health insurance in France were closed and your carte Vitale deactivated.

You have to re apply sending form S1106 with passport and resident permit, scolarship certificate and RIB.

After caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) deal with your application and your rights are opened, you will be able to access ameli account and create a new carte Vitale.

I invite you to contact a counselor to know how to send your application file and old carte Vitale to your CPAM. 

Have a nice day.