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Newly arrived in France and registered as auto entrepreneur

I arrived at France recently with my husband who has an employed work here. We are both citizens of the EU. I applied at Ursaff to start working as auto entrepreneur and hope to get the confirmation soon. Next, I would like to apply for my social security number now and finally receive my carte Vitale in the near future. Am I eligible to apply for it at my local CPAM using the document S1106? If yes, which additional documents do I have to attach?


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Hello Mat,

To proceed with the creation of your activity and your affiliation as a self-employed person, I invite you to contact the Centre des formalités des entreprises (CFE) of :

  • the "chambre de commerce" if it is a commercial activity
  • the "chambre des métiers" if you are a craftsman
  • the union for the collection of social security and family allowance contributions (Urssaf) if you are a liberal profession

The centre for business formalities will be responsible for sending the documents required for your social protection, including your primary health insurance fund (CPAM) for your membership.

If the steps have already been taken, I invite you to contact the caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) of the place of your professional activity.

Have a nice day.

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