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How to get the carte vitale for a non-EU salaried PhD student with a temporary (13 digits) social security number?


I am a non-EU PhD student but I also recieve a salary through my French scholarship. With the pay slips from the university I got the social security number, but it has 13, not the expected 15 digits. How can I apply to receive the full social security number and eventually my carte vitale?

Thanks in advance!



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Bonjour DanDe,

Since the beginning of September 2018, if you are a student with a professional activity, you have to be covered by the main social security scheme (Régime général). You have to provide any document proving your situation such as a work contract or a payslip.

You can reach more information and the relevant contact on this following topic called "Register for health insurance".

If you still have a provisionary social security number you can't nor open an ameli acount neither a carte Vitale.

Have a nice day.

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