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I am an italian medical student, in collaboration with WHO for a research program. I am employed as a "consultant" with a "token agreement", thus my salary is a formality of 1 euro for 11 months. Do I need to be covered by an insurance? I have required a G- permis for frontalier betwen switzerland and France. Where Can I find the information to ask for my health insurance coverage for frontalier?
Thank you.



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Good afternoon,

If you're currently living as a "frontalier", you're living in France and working in Switzerland, you have to choose between the French and the Swiss health system (LAMal) within 3 months after the beginning of your work contract.

In order to choose which legislation has to apply, you have to fill out the form "Choix du système d'assurance maladie".

The paragraph 6 of this document has to be stamped and filled out anyway by the French health system (CPAM).

In both of these situations, the social contributions have to be paid (depending on your wage). If you want more information you can contact the CNTFS (centre national des travailleurs frontalier en Suisse).

You can no longer apply after 3 months and make any choice anymore, you have to be covered by the Swiss system.

You can find more information regarding Swiss cross-border workers or "travailleur frontalier Suisse" on our website.

Have a nice day.

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