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Comment créé une compte ameli?

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Well I have tried a lots but unfortunately I could not open an account. Even I don't speak or write french. It's hard and tough. I filled every information and stuck with my postal code. I'm from Bangladesh originally and my post code is 3180. That does not work here. I tried my residence code 94270 val de marine. Also failed to open ameli account. It's very important for me. Well If you there and if you can understand me. Let me know please.

Thank you very much. And waiting for your cordial response.




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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, because of some safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

Anyway, if you need some help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English speaking line.

Dial 0 811 36 36 47 (from France) or +33 811 36 36 46 (from abroad).

For your information : the international call prefix or dial out code shown as “+” has to be replaced by figures which are different from the country where you’re located.

You can find the list of these codes on internet.

You can also contact the French speaking line, dial 36 46.

For further information, you can have a look at our English pages: https://www.ameli.fr/assure/english-pages

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