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Where do I find the correct adress to send my application for my social security number?


I moved to France from Germany last month and I am working in France with a CDI. I need to get a social security number.
If I understand it correctly from this question (https://forum-assures.ameli.fr/questions/1822056-new-to-france-healthcare) I need several documents to send to an adress the CPAM.

What is the correct adress to send it to? There is no indication on the english website for that. Is it the general adress:
Paris Health Insurance
75948 PARIS CEDEX 19

or is it the adress of an individual branch in the arrondisment I live in? And how can I make sure that my documents are processed?

Furthermore: do I need the form "S1" from my former health insurance? Or is it only necessary if I am in France temporarily?


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Hi Manuel,

Of course, I invite you to provide all the documents listed in this answer : https://forum-assures.ameli.fr/questions/1822056-new-to-france-healthcare

If you're still cover in Germany, please, contact your organisation there to explain your situation in France.

If you're living in Paris (75), this address is correct. This is a main general address.

Have a nice day.

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