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New to France - Healthcare ?

Relocated from UK to France last month after buying a property. Can you advise me how myself and my family register for a medical green card ? I tried to create an account on ameli but it requests a 13 digit social security number - in UK we have a 9 digit Nat Ins number only. I have found a local Doctor but understand I must have my green card first.
Grateful for your help


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Hello Dee,

In order to be covered in France and receive a french social security number, you have to send the following documents to your CPAM (caisse primaire d'assurance maladie):

- a copy of your work contract or your first pay slip (if you work),

- to prove that you are living in France:

  • one utility bill, if you work
  • or three utility bills for the past three months, if you don't work

- a copy of your passport or identity card,

- a copy of your visa or resident permit (if you are non-European),

- if you were covered in Europe before coming to France: a S1 form from your previous european health system. If you cannot get a S1, you will have to provide a refusal letter,

- a copy of your birth certificate (the long version with your parents' names),

- a RIB (relevé d'identité bancaire aka the bank details),

- the form S1106 "Application for membership in the french health care system",

- if you have children, copy of their birth certificates and passport or ID with the form S3705 "Application to add minor children to one or both parents insurance accounts"

You can find your CPAM's address on our website ameli.fr, in "Adresses et Contacts".

Have a good day

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