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Request social security number and vital card

My nationality is lebanse and i have permanent residence in grecce with my family and know we live in france from two month . can I obtain ssn then vital card? If yes ,how can i get it ?
Thanks ,


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Hello Yaghi,

A similar question has been answered on this forum. I advise you to visit this topic "New to France : Healthcare ?" .

If you live in France permanently and if your health system in Greece agrees to give you the S1 form, it will enable you to have rights in France with CPAM thanks to a transfer of yours rights that you have in Greece.

An S1 form is a healthcare certificate that entitles you and any dependants to healthcare in another EU (European Union) country on the same basis as a resident of that country.

The S1 will permit the social security system in France to affiliate you and to take charge of your medical expenses.

Have a good day.

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