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First application for Carte Vitale

I am an early retiree ( aged 61) and my husband and I have owned a home in France for 2 years where I have been spending about half the year. I do not receive UK state pension and am in receipt of a very small work private pension - £56 per month.
My husband provides me with a monthly income of £600 paid into our bank account in France. ( This is over and above money he pays into our bank account for utility bills, tax fonciere & habitation and we have no mortgage on the property)
I have an EHIC card, valid until 2023.
I intend to live there on my own after borders open for at least 6 months of the year until my husband retires in July 2022.( He will continue to work in the UK until July 2022, spending only holidays in France)
My local CPAM office is closed and I am unable to call the number given on this site.
How do I get my application underway as I would like to receive my CV as soon as possible?
Many thanks.


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Hello Eddie,

You will find all you need to do in this topic : New to France - Healthcare?

If you have not yet applied for a social security number, I invite you to read this article on our website, "Formulas to follow depending upon your situation".

You will have to send your application by post.

Have a nice day.

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