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national security number

i come to France for Erazmus program ( 6 months ) , at the moment i am unemployed and register with pole emploi. I have been in France for 8 months Do i have a right to apply for social security number ? if yes how i can do it ? Merci


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Hello marta,

If you are a European Community citizen residing in France, you have several options for joining the scheme.

You can apply for affiliation on the basis of activity (as an employee) or residence.

If you are employed in France, you must complete "the form S1106", accompanied by a copy of your passport, an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, a copy of your employment contract and, if possible, your first pay slip and a French bank statement (RIB or IBAN) in your name.

If you are not employed in France and are living there for any other reason (retirement, job search, family reunification....), I invite you to apply for an S1 form from your Portuguese social security scheme.

You must attach to this European form the same documents as for affiliation under the activity criterion (apart from the employment contract and pay slip), and you must also attach proof of residence (energy bill, rental contract …).

If your situation does not correspond to the cases mentioned above, I invite you to contact the primary health insurance fund of your place of residence to clarify the situation. You can find the contact information here.

After processing time, a provisional social security number will be created. The procedure for obtaining a carte Vitale is more time-consuming as your civil status documents will have to be authenticated by Insee (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques).

If you are not a European Community citizen, please find the documents you have to provide :

- Thanks to the universal health protection scheme (PUMa), anyone who works or resides in France on a stable and regular basis for more than three months is entitled to have their health costs covered:

To apply, send the form S1106 "Demande d'ouverture de droit à l'assurance maladie" (application for entitlement to health insurance) together with the following documents to your local health insurance office:

- Copy of passport.

- Document proving legal residence in France (residence permit, visa, etc.).

- Birth certificate translated by a sworn translator (NB: you must provide an apostille on your document).

- Marriage certificate if necessary.

- A bank statement.

- Proof of residence proving that you have been in France for more than three months if you are not employed.

- A photocopy of a pay slip or your employment contract if you are employed.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a provisional social security number.

As soon as your permanent number is available, you can order your Vitale card.

Have a nice day.

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Hi I am a spanish person that moved to France recently. I have a french contract and a NTT (numero Technique Temporaire) plus a private health insurance. What are the steps required to have a Social Security Number and the Carte Vitale electronically?

Hello Javier82,

If you have a provisional number and your rights to French health insurance are opened, you need to wait for the confirmation of your number to be able to get the carte Vitale.

Therefore, I advise you to reach the advise line. We do not have access to your file according to our safety and confidentiality policy. 

Have a nice day.