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Unable to Create an Ameli Account

I have received a letter from L'Assurance Maladie for "Obtention de la carte vitale"

It says to obtain my carte vitale, I have to ask for it on my Ameli account.

When I put the first 13 digits of the account number to create an account, I receive a message "Your current situation does not allow you to immediately create your ameli account"

How do I create an account? Thank you for your answers.


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Hello NK12345,

You can also apply through the FranceConnect application with others user's credentials, like tax office for example.

Due to the current situation, the English speaking line is not available. If you can't apply through FranceConnect and if your situation is really urgent, I advise you to contact the French line (by dialing 36 46) with the help of a friend.

Have a nice day.