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Do I need a notarized affidavit before the apostille and French translation?

I am a British citizen with a birth certificate issued in Japan, I have been a permanent resident in the US for the past ten years and will be going to France for a semester to study. I understand I need to translate by birth certificate to French for the submission, and have been told it is necessary to have an apostille on it before the translation; however in order to do so I must have it translated to English as per the US Department of State guidelines. As I will be submitting to you the apostilled French translation of an English translation of the original Japanese, is it necessary for the English version to become a notarized affidavit before gaining the apostille?


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Hello epm168,

Only your original birth certificate needs to have the "apostille".

For your submission, you have to give a copy of your original birth certificate and a copy of the translation of the original birth certificate. The english version is not needed.

Have a nice day. 

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