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I received a letter in the post - not sure what I need to do

I received what i believe might be a bill for treatment my daughter received in April, while on holiday in France.
How do I pay this amount? Am I able to set up an account on Ameli as an Irish citizen with an Irish PPS number?

I already paid a bill that.came from the hosiptal in August, I wonder why I am being billed a second time for treatment carried out 8 months ago.

Any help much appreciated. We were very grateful for the great medical treatment provided in an emergency. It would be most helpful if correspondence could give clear direction as to how payment can be made.

Many thanks.


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Hello Juliette1,

You won’t be able to create an ameli account as you have no rights to health insurance in France.

As a European citizen, you can ask Ireland to take this health care in charge if you received a bill. If you received a letter from the Assurance Maladie, it should be a statement proving the refund made to the hospital.

Otherwise, you can ask France sending to the CPAM of the department in France where the treatment occurred:

  • A copy of your daughter European card
  • The paid invoice from the hospital
  • A copy of your IBAN

If you have any question about the bill itself, you must contact the hospital to clarify.

Have a nice day.

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