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Assurance Maladie pour Visa Talent Chercheur

I have a question concerning the state of a PhD student (doctorant) at a laboratory within a university. While filling the requested form by..., it is asked if we are employed or not. Does the case of PhD student be considered as employed or not employed?

Another question is: when sending the documents, can I send the a visa copy plus a copy about the confirmation of the deposit for my request to a residence permit (Talent researcher), as the residence permit is not issued yet by the prefecture?

Thanks in advance


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Bonjour Majed,

As a Talent Visa holder, you have to provide some documents.

In order to be covered in France and receive a french social security number, you have to send the following documents to the CPAM (caisse primaire d'assurance maladie) of Paris :

- The form S1106 "Application for membership in the french health care system", you can write that you are "chercheur doctorant" emploued if you have a work contract or other if you don't have it. 

- A copy of your passport,

- A copy of your visa or titre de séjour,

- A copy of your birth certificate translated into french (long version with your parents' name),

- One utility bill,

- A RIB (bank account details),

- if you are working as a "passport talent", please enclose a copy of your work contract.

You have to send all these documents to the CPAM of Paris to this following address :

Assurance maladie de Paris

SRI /talents

75948 Paris Cedex 19

All these information are also available on our website ameli, section "Vous êtes travailleur détaché en France".

If you don't have a French work contract, you have to submit your application form to your local CPAM's office.

You can find your CPAM's address on our website, in "Adresses et Contacts".

Have a nice day.

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