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Using temporary SSN after it’s validity

I had a temporary SSN in France when I was a non-EU international student. Then I moved abroad to continue my further studies during Covid and I could not obtain a permanent number. Now, I am back in France with a job seeker visa, but my company is asking for SSN before signing a contract (mandatory). Can I provide the same temporary number (which got expired) to start the job and apply for pea rmanent one when I have a pay slip/contract?


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Hello Kush,

You do not need a social security number to start working and get a work contract. You can provide your temporary social security number to your employer if you want.

In order to update your file and open your rights, I invite you to apply to health insurance in France sending the form S1106 "Application for membership in the french health care system", putting your old social security number, along with :

- a copy of your passport or identity card,

- a copy of your visa,

- a RIB (the bank details),

- a copy of your work contract or your first pay slip,

You can find your CPAM's address on, in "Adresses et contacts".

Have a nice day. 

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