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Can I use my previous social security number?

I was a student in France 2014-2016. I had a permanent social security number back then.
I went back to my home country in 2017. Now I will be coming back to France after 5 years. Can I use my old social security number?
I have tried logging in to my 'ameli' account with my old social security number, but i have forgotten my passcode. If I try to regenerate my code by pressing 'forgot code', I get error and do not receive any email for reinitialising my code.


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Hello mauli,

You can absolutely use the social security number that has been given to you in the past, it will remain the same (if it was a permanent one). But you need to reapply to french social security system.
I invite you to contact caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) calling 3646 or the English advice line to know which documents you need to send according to your situation.

Once your file will be proceed, it will reactivate your number and then, you will be able to access the ameli account.

Have a nice day

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