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Apply for card vitale for my wife

Hi, I have recently moved to Paris 6 months back along with my wife, I have received my health card and the Residence permit, however, my wife has received the approval for the residence permit and she is waiting for the appointment. However, she is having a Visa extension and a letter of confirmation.
Since she also needs to be covered under health insurance I have some questions regarding the same.
Q1. Since she has a dependent status on her visa, will she also be added as a dependent on my card Vitale and can I use it for her medical visits too?
If yes what's the procedure to add her as a dependent. If Not then what's the procedure for her to receive a card Vitale for her as a dependent.
Q2. If she has to apply for the card Vitale separately, then do we need to wait for the titre de Sejour or we can still apply with the approval for titre de Sejour.?


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Hello sharma,

Someone on this forum has already encountered the same situation. You can refer to this topic called: "New to France-Healthcare ?"

Your wife has to be affiliated on her own file.

To start the process, your wife can send the approval for the "titre de séjour" and once she receives her "titre de séjour", she will have to send a copy of it

Have a good day

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