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How to obtain temporary social security number

Hello, I am a Canadian university student and I will be coming to France this summer to complete a paid internship. Please se my questions below.

1. Just to confirm, the way for me to apply for a social security number is to send the completed "Demande l'ouverture des droits a l'assurance maladie" form with the required documents in the same envelope to my CPAM?
2. Is there anyrhing online I need to do?
3. How will I be updated on if my application is accepted and what time range should I expect before I hear a response?
4. How do I find which CPAM I need to contact?
5. Can I apply while I'm still living in Canada?
6. Do I need a French IBAN or can I provide my Canadian bank account information?
7 . Can I use my long-stay visa BEFORE it is validated to a VLS-TS residence permit for the required documents?
8. Will a rental lease suffice for proof of address?

Thank you!


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Hello Nicole,

I invite you to read this topic : New to France : healthcare ?

As well, you can have a look on this website  :

If you come from Canada :

If you come from Québec :

Have a nice day. 

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