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Temporary number for Carte Vital?

How do I apply for a temporary number for the Carte Vital. I have been told by the health insurance company that I need one as I haven't yet got a carte Vital?
Is there a telephone number?
I am 62 years old.
I have a Civil Service private pension.
I am classed as inactive.
I bought a house June this year.
Have paid electricity and house insurance since June.
Had to return to the UK for two months for an operation but recently returned with the intention of living permanently in France. Not sure if the three months residency to apply for a carte Vital starts now or can be back dated?
Any help appreciated.


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Bonjour Katy,

You will find all you need to do in this topic : New to France - Healthcare?

If you have not yet applied for a social security number, I invite you to read this article on our website, "Formulas to follow depending upon your situation".

The 3 months of permanent residency starts from the day you came back to France.

You will have to send your application by post.

Have a nice day.

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