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Temporary number

I have a Temporary social security number and i want to create a ameli account to get some benefits for my latest medical expenses, but when i go to create a ameli account it asks for 13 digit number where as a Temporary social security number is 15 digits so can you help me to proceed.


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Hello ash,

Social security number is 13 digits + 2 digits key.

If your social security number starts by 7 or 8, it means that it's a temporary one. This number is given for benefit from the AME (aide médicale de l'État) or asylum seeker.

You only can open an ameli account with a permanent and certified social security number (starting by 1 or 2).

If you have a permanent number starting by 1 or 2, but not certified, it's what we called a NIA (numéro d'identification d'attente), which corresponds to a standby identifcation number. In that case, you could not open an ameli account or order a Vitale card (carte Vitale).

You can be reimbursed from your medical expenses by the caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) even with a temporary number or NIA.

You need to provide the "feuille de soins" (form given by doctor / hospital, etc. for forwarding to the Social Security), medical prescriptions and invoices relating to payments made during your care. You will need to complete your social security number at the top of the claims and send it to your CPAM.

You will find the address on the ameli website : "Adresses et contacts".

Have a nice day.

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