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Irish Student on Erasmus in France looking to get a social security number

I have started working here in France in a part time job along with my studies. However, in order for my boss to finalise my contract in work they need my social security number. I have applied for the social security number through the student page on but I am not sure if this will work and would like to know how long it will take? Otherwise, can I use my Irish social security number or do I have to have a provisional French social security number for employment purposes?

Emily D

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Hello Emily D,

If you are working, you must join the general health insurance scheme, even if you are a student.

To do this, you must submit to the "caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM)" in your place of residence any document proving your situation (employment contract, pay slip, birth certificate, passport, etc.). You will then be attached to the general scheme on an occupational basis.

To know how to be covered by the French healthcare system, I advise you to read this answer, available on the forum: "New to France - Healthcare?".

You cannot use your irish social security number.

The contact details of your CPAM are available in the "Addresses and contacts" section of the ameli website.

Have a nice day.

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