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How can I active my carte vital because I lost it

How can I active my carte vital because I lost it


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Hello Alam,

First and if you already have one, I advise you to declare the loss of your carte Vitale through you ameli account: "J'ai perdu ma carte Vitale".

Next, you could ask for a new one. Here you will find the tutorial to help you with the procedure.

If it does not work online, you will receive by the post a form that needs to be checked and completed. You need to provide a picture and a copy of your passport.

By the meantime, you have the possibility to download and print an attestation of your rights "attestation de droits" thanks to the home page of your ameli account, section "Mes démarches en 2 clics".

If you don't have an ameli account and need some help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English speaking line.

More information on the link below: How call French Health Insurance Advice Line ?

For your information : the international prefix or dial out code shown as “+” has to be replaced by figures which are different from the country where you’re located.

You can find the list of these codes on the link below:

You can also contact the French speaking line, dial 36 46.

Have a nice day

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