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Numéro de sécurité social

I'm a spanish student studying in Paris and I have applied for my social security number last September... Only one of my documents has been "accepted", the rest are still "being processed". I understand this takes a while, but now I got hired for a stage for which I need to present my social security number (and correspondent Carte Vitale).
I would really like to know the status of my request please! All current phone lines are saturated and I cannot manage to call.
Thank you very much


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Hello MMA,

First of all, I advise you to read this topic entitled "please can I have a link to register for social security?"

Your health cover started the first day your studies began in France (even if you don't have a social security number yet). You can claim for the refund of your medical expense you might have or had, when you eventually receive your social security number.

Due to the current situation, the English speaking line is not available. If your situation is really urgent, I advise you to contact the French line (by dialing 36 46) with the help of a friend.

Have a good day

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