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How to get sécurité sociale

So I from India I hold the French carte d'identité and passeport which I basically got through descent (my mother is a French national) I recently turned 18. Im actually planning on studying medicine and surgery in Italy this year. I will be moving to France soon for a few months before moving to Italy. So basically I want to apply for the European health insurance card coz the health insurance in Italy demands it for the ssn (which is the health insurance kinda thing there) I found that to apply for ehic I need the sécurité sociale but I think its given to the people who stay and work or study in France. I mean like I would be staying in France for atleast 4 months before moving to Italy. So my situation is kinda critical coz I couldn't find anything which could be helpful.


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Hello Lara,

As you will stay less than 6 months in France and you won't live there, you can't ask for the french social security number and as well, you can't obtain an EHIC card.

I will advise you to contact the italian health insurance where you are going to study. If it's possible to be covered in Italy, then you will get the EHIC card from the italian health cover system, you will use it in France during your stay, if necessary.

Have a nice day. 

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