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How to Apply for a Carte Vitale as an American Retired in France

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I arrived from the USA as a retiree more than 3 months ago with a long-term visa / residence permit and am about to apply for a Carte Vitale. I want to make certain that I include the correct documents in my mailing. Here is what I believe should be included:

• Passport / long-term visa copies

• Proof of stay home rental / home purchase receipts from date of arrival

• Translated birth and marriage certificates.

• Bank RIB

Must I complete and include the Demande d’ouverture des Droits’ form although I do not have a French social security number (only US) and must I apply for one?

Any suggestions for completing the required documents (or help navigating the process) would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly,



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Hi Michael,

I confirm the answer given yesterday by Betty and invite you to read the answer to this topic concerning the affiliation in France.

If necessary, do not hesitate to translate it.

I confirm that all the requested documents are necessary.

The part concerning the social security number is not to be completed if this is your first application for affiliation in France and you don't have a French social security number yet..

I also suggest you to visit our website and consult our "English pages".

Have a nice day.

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