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Expiry of Booster vaccine certificate moved forward to 15 February - is this an error?

I had the Janssen vaccine in July and the booster in October, both in France. The booster certificate showed 1 of 1 and had an expiry date of May but this has recently changed to 15 February. Do I need another booster to travel to the UK and back to France after that? I also had an AZ first dose in April 21 in the UK but this was never added to my health record in France despite two Doctors trying to do so.


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Good afternoon Jenny,

I advise you to look at the information mentioned on our website "Vaccine pass and booster shot: what changes starting Feb. 15th, 2022?"

You can also look at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs' website: "Conseils aux Voyageurs > Conseils par pays/destination > Royaume-Uni". They also have English pages.

Have a good day

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