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Whose Carte Vitale to use for a dependent?

For the last few years I have had an annual S1 as a cross border worker with a Carte Vitale of my own, with Covid last year this was not possible so this year no new annual S1. On the upside my good lady wife is a little older and DWP were “happy” to add me as a dependent on her pensioner S1. My Amelie account has now been closed and my rights added to her Amelie account, mild panic when they cancelled my account but got past that. Question is, when I next need healthcare, which will be booster jab next month, do I give them my Catre Vitale with my social security number and rely on Amelie to link it or do I need to take her Carte Vitale and use her social security number?


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Hello MartinB79,

If your local Cpam has updated your file, you have to use your own card vitale even if you are attached to your wife's file. If you have to send a claim form, you will fill the section "Assuré" with your wife's social security number and the section "Personne recevant les soins" with your details (first name, surname and date of Birth).

Normally, your CPAM sent you a letter to let you know that you have to update your card vitale going to the chemist or to your local CPAM office. If not, I invite you to do so.

Have a nice day.

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