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Application of SSN: case specific questions.

I am new to France with my family waiting for the residence permit.
My visa is with "Passeport Talent – Carte Bleue Européenne" and my family's "Passeport Talent – Famille".

As the next step, I am preparing for SSN applications and got following questions while reading this QA: https://forum-assures.ameli.fr/questions/1822056

1. Is it necessary for us to have the residence permit and we cannot apply for it just with our visas?
2. Should I submit a separate application for my spouse?
3. As a married couple, all utilities are under my name and my spouse's name is only on the apartment contract and the bank account. What should I do for her utility bills? Can she present three apartment rental bills?
4. If we both are applying for SSNs, who should we add our child to?
5. If temporary residence permits are issued, can we still apply for SSNs with them?
6. My wife recently got pregnant how can we specify this on the application? Should we wait until the birth and report it?
7. Due to the pregnancy, we are expecting to meet doctors quite many times before the actual issuance of our SSNs and green cards. Can we get these expenses reimbursed retroactively?

Thanks for your answers in advance.


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Hello Paul,

1. You can either send a copy of your visas or resident permits.

2. If you and your spouse's dossiers are complete, you can send both files together.

3. Your spouse can send her apartment rental bills if her name appears on those documents. If not, I would advise her to send your three past utility bills and a sworn letter from yourself where you mention your spouse has been living with you the whole time.

4. Your child can be added to either one of your file or both.

5. I would advise you to send copies of your visas with the "Passeport Talent" and" Passeport Talent Famille" information.

6. You wife has to send a pregnancy declaration with her application.

7. The beginning of your rights will be the same date your job started.

I wish you a lovely day.

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Hi Sophie,

Thank you for your answers.
I have a follow-up question:
Due to the Coronavirus, we were only able to submit the residence permit application right at the end of the visas. I heard that some visas are automatically extended depending on their expiration dates but we are not sure if ours are applied, which originally expires on May 17. Do you think we can still use our visas to submit the application for SSNs or should we wait until the issuance of the residence permit, which will most likely take more than 2 months.

Thank you for your help and I wish you a great day too.

==== edited from here ====
I just saw a notice that our visas belong to that category (expiring between March 16 and June 15) so should have been extended automatically. But it would still be great if you could confirm this.


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Dear Paul,

I advise you to read "Prolongation de la durée de validité des titres de séjour" on this page : Droits et prestations de l’Assurance Maladie à compter du 12 mars 2020.

You can learn more about it at : Titres de séjour : la durée de validité est prolongée.

Have a nice day.