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Send documents to AMELI via email but i don't have an online account because i still don't have social security number

I am a foreign student, living in Reims, France.
I need to send 2 documents that l'Assurance Maladie (Marne) had asked for but the post offices are closed.
I cannot send them online, because i cannot create an online account on because i still don't have a temporary or permanent social security number.
How can i send these 2 documents (birth certificate and bank RIB details).
Many thanks,


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Bonjour PaulKaz,

Social security number is 13 digits + 2 digits key.

When the social security number starts by 7 or 8, it means that it's a temporary one. You only can open an ameli account (the account you tried to log in from the main website with a permanent social security number (starting by 1 or 2).

Anyway, it's not possible to send documents through ameli account.

If your CPAM asked you these documents through your student account (, you can upload these on your student account.

If you are not able to upload then you can send your documents by the post. Postal services are still working, CPAM is still working on documents sent by the post. Processing time can be longer than usual due to the situation. You can find the mailing address of your CPAM on this link : "Adresses et contacts".

Have a nice day