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The documents I need for obtaining Carte Vital and Assurance Maladie

Excuse moi que je ecrit en anglais.

I need Carte Vital (Numero de Sociale) and Assurance Maladie.
But I am not sure what type of formular I need to follow according to the web page below.

My concern is, I have paid activities with no employer so it makes me confused if there is SURELY nothing more than those documents as described below.

My situation is:
I have titre de sejour, and the expiry date is march 2020.
I am surely going to renew my visa on January 2020.
For one year and half, I have worked as a freelance graphic designer registered at Maison Des Artistes and auto entrepreneur with SIRET number from Urssaf.
So I am not employed by a company but self employed and have factures from my clients.

the printed form application for the right to health insurance (S1106);
copy of your work contract or your last pay slips ;
birth certificates for yourself and all members of your family ;
marriage certificate ;
passport or ID copies ;
proof of residency (Utility Bills, rental contract, etc.) ;
particulars of your bank account (RIB - relevé d'identité bancaire). These can be found readily available in your French cheque book ;
your first pay slip.

My questions are:
Considering my situation, to obtain Carte Vital(Social number) and Assurance Maladie,

  • what other documents should I prepare?
  • I have Acte Naissance validated on July 2019, by tradituer assermente. Can I submit Acte Naissance validated more than 3 months ago?(It costs me a lot;))
  • As I don't have my Social Security number yet, I cannot make RDV with CPAM. Is it ok if I go to CPAM without RDV?

I have called CPAM English service and a kind lady told me that I have to contact at CCI Bayonne to get Carte vital.
So I called CCI and a kind lady told me it is no sense to ask Carte Vital to CCI since it is CPAM in charge.
I also called URSSAF and Maison des Artistes and all they say it is CPAM.... Please help me to get Carte Vital and Assurance~!

Merci par avance!


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Hello JJ,

Since you've got an "auto-entreprise", your immatriculation to the french health system should have been automatic.

The English Speaking Line Adviser suggested you to call the CCI (Chamber of Commerce) not to create your carte Vitale but to direct you to the "Centre de formalités des entreprises" (CFE) or another organization which should have sent your information to register you to the french health system.

As your immatriculation wasn't automatic, you should send to your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) the documents you listed with :

  • a proof of your auto-entrepreneur status ;
  • a certificate which proves you're at the Maison des Artistes.

You can find your CPAM's address on our website, in "Adresses et Contacts".

Have a nice day

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