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I am Sebastian and is my first year in france. I don't have any document in France, but i'm enroll at Pole Emploi. They send my to an social assistance, wich ask my for NIR - social number to apply for RSA.
How can i recieve this faster?



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Hello bseba32,

In order to be registered in France, with the main health insurance system, the CPAM (caisse primaire d'assurance maladie), you will have first to wait three months of permanent residency in France and then submit some documents to the CPAM :

•The form S1106 "Demande d'ouverture des droits à l'assurance maladie".

•Your full birth certificate (with the name of your parents)

•Copy of an indentity document (ID card, passport)

•Copy of a utility bill for three months (electricity bill, water bill, phone bill ...)

•A particular of french bank account with the IBAN (RIB : relevé d'identité bancaire)

If you're from a European country you can also claim for a form E104 to your previous health system.

If your not a European citizen, you also have to provide a "titre de séjour".

You will find further information on our website, ameli.fr, "La protection universelle maladie".

To find the address of your local CPAM office, click on "Adresses et contacts".

Have a good day.

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