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How long till I can access my Ameli account so I can order my Card Vital?

Hi I'm am English and have been residing in France since July 2020.

I've just received my social security number and temporary health certificate (I applied 5 months ago). I want to create an Ameli account so I can order my Card Vital but I keep getting the following message: Your connection to your health insurance fund is in progress, you will soon be able to benefit from your account on

How long does it take for this to process and will I get a letter from CPAM notifying me that I am able to create an account?

I also need to register with a doctor so they can upload an 'electronic treating physician declaration' can I do this with the temporary certificate of healthcare?

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Bonjour SamaEvan,

A similar question has already been answered on this forum. I advise you to visit this topic: Permanent social security number.

When you are covered by the french healthcare system, even with a temporary social security number, it is mandatory to have a "médecin traitant" registered on your file as your referee doctor.

You can look for a "médecin traitant" on the online directory: Annuaire Santé.

When you have a temporay social security number, to register your "médecin traitant", your doctor has to complete the 3704 form ("Déclaration de choix de médecin traitant") which you have to send to your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM).

Have a nice day.

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