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Transfer of CPAM to Paris for Talent Passpprt holders


I am a Talent Passport holder, but I already have a French social security number which I got when I was a Master student. As part of procedure for Talent Passport holder (for chercheur), I submitted documents to CPAM Paris to update my situation. I also submitted the CPAM applications for my wife and child. CPAM Paris processed my wife and child social security, but they seem to forget to update my situation. My CPAM is still Ille-et-Vilaine, and my IBAN and other personal information are not updated. What should I do? We have waited a very long time for the processing of our CPAM, but this problem with my account happens. Just very frustrating. Thanks in advance for your reply !


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Bonjour arnoldcg,

I advise you to contact a conselour to explain your situation as we do not have access to your file on this forum.

Have a nice day. 

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