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Regarding the status of my feuille de soins refund

Hey there

I had sent some feuille de soins documents to my CPAM last month and I received an update on my ameli account today which says -

'Détail de votre remboursement payé le 06/02/2024 pour un montant de....'

Does this mean I should have received the reimbursement already? Because when I check my bank account which is linked to my ameli account, I still haven't received any money. Kindly help me understand my situation.



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Hello ishxkal,

This sentence confirms that your refund was processed on 06.02.2024.

However, the payment could be made to the doctor or you, depending on what you paid. You can check the name of the beneficiary under the section "Mes paiements".

If you have advanced the full amount, the refund will be in your favour. A bank delay is required, and it is longer if you have a foreign bank account registered.

Have a nice day.

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