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health security for talent passport- wife and child

My husband has the talent passport and carte vitale. Me and my son (7 months) have arrived in Francethree months ago with the talent passport attached to my husband. However, I have applied but have not received my residence permit yet. Can I send my application file for carte vitale (and my son`s) to the CPAM /Paris before I receive my residence permit? How can I and my son benefit from the rights on health services while waiting for the residence permit and carte vitale?


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Hello mnsnm,

As a passport talent holder, you have to send your documents to Paris.

Only some resident permit receipt are admissible. I invite you to contact your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) to explain your situation.

If you need help regarding this request, you can also contact the CPAM’s English or French Advice Lines.

More information in the following topic: How to call the French Health Insurance Advice Lines?

Have a nice day