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Carte Vitale as an etrangère

Hello, I was working in Monaco for 2 years but now I demissioned and since I live in France I need a Carte Vitale. For the insciption I need an acte de naissance from the country where I was born. I demanded the document, but it will take up to 4 weeks for them to send it. My question is: Am I unasured in the meantime? Is there a possibility to receive a temporary cart vitale in the meantime? To be unassured is not a good idea I think.

I received already a numéro de sécurité sociale since I started as a freelancer.

Thank in advance.


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Hello Boebele,

We answered to a similar question to yours on this forum. I invite you to consult this topic, titled: "Register for health insurance".

I confirm that the birth certificate is an essential document to obtain your social security number.

If your are working in France, your rights will start from the first day of your work contract. If you need care, you will have to pay and send your claim form (feuille de soins) when you will receive a confirmation letter from the Assurance Maladie for your registration.

If you are not working in France, your rights will start when yout CPAM recieve your full form's registration.

Have a nice day.

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