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Hello! I am currently working in the Thermes as a kine since february and i wanted to sign into the CPAM to receive the carte vitale. I have send my dossier with my fiche de pay, my attestation de domicile and all of the required documents for the first registration. After some time i have received yesterday a letter from which a deduct i am already signed into the l'Assurance Maladie. I have been working for 1.5 years in Marseille also as a kine in 2018-2022 if i am not wrong and maybe my boss has registered me into the CPAM. The letter i have received yesterday, doesnt say anything about receiving the temporar securite social number, or any other instuctions what should i do to get it to continue the process for a carte vitale. It simply says that i have changed my domicile and if i change my bank i should send teh new RIB or if i have changed the doctor i should send the declaration. Thats why i assume i am already registered in the CPAM. But i have no idea how can i check that or search for my securite sociale number so i could create an account on the amelie site/application. Can you help me solve this mistery?


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Hello Riggins,

Unfortunately, because of some safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

Anyway, if you need some help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English speaking line.

Dial 09 74 75 36 46 or the French line 36 46.

Have a nice day