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Refused Mail

I'm a salaried employee and I have sent my files by mail to CPAM CHAMPIGNY in order to get a social security number and they refused my mail straight without opening it so it was just returned to me with no note. I have not received any messages in the email or text either. Why is that and what should I do then?

Al Rack

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Hello Al Rack,

I invite you to check the address of your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) on the website page "Adresses et contacts".

You can also get an appointment to provide your file to an agent in a CPAM office, calling the help line.

To know how to be covered by the French healthcare system, I advise you to read this answer, available on the forum: "New to France - Healthcare?".

If you are a talent visa holder with a french work contract, you have to send your application form to Paris :

Assurance maladie de Paris

SRI /talents

75948 Paris Cedex 19

Have a good day.

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