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Access to Assitance - Unusual suituation

I have been working outside the EU for the last 4 years, and prior to that I was resident in UK. I am an Irish Passport Holder. I have moved to France following work aborad. I am paid in the UK, so I pay social security in the UK, but Income tax in France, as I am resident and working there for a 3 year assigment. I cannot seem to find out how to access health care. For example I have some covid tests that I was told I could have refunded, but I cannot apply on Ameli as I need a social security number to apply.


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Hello Dingrat,

If your company has seconded you in France to work as a posted worker, you are entitled to the form S1 and A1 from England.

If you are not eligible to this European form and you work for a foreign company living in France, then you will be considered as a non-active European citizen due to the fact that you do not contribute in France.

In any case, you need to provide your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM) the following documents:

- the form S1106 "Application for membership in the french health care system".

- -a copy of your passport or identity card,

- a copy of your birth certificate,

- a RIB (bank details),

- a utility bill

- S1 A1 or refusal letter according to your situation

You will find your CPAM's address on, page "Adresses et contacts".

Your company can also pay social charges for you to join the french health system. You will have further information reading this topic :

Have a nice day.

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