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How can i get my Covid 19 vaccination certificate issued in France corrected?

Hi Team,
I came to France two months back and am waiting on my SSN. I completed two doses of AstraZeneca vaccinations in my home country before coming to France. And I also converted the home country vaccination certificate to EU health pass. My passport is tied with the AstraZeneca vaccination certificate. I got the booster dose of Pfizer by showing my EU health pass and passport. Despite taking the booster dose, my recent EU vaccination certificate shows No of doses as 1/2. It doesnt recognize the vaccinations that I took in my home country before I travel to France. I was expecting the No of doses to be shown as 1/1. Please guide to have it corrected.


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Hello kurthi,

The following topic should help you: "Certificat de vaccination Covid-19" and in particular "Le téléservice affiche "cycle de vaccination en cours" although I have a complete vaccination schedule (two injections). What should I do?

The context is different, but the steps explained also apply to your situation (registration of the 3rd dose).

For any additional information, you can consult this page: Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Have a nice day.


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