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Receiving Carte Vitale La Poste

Hi, I received a text with a link to update my Carte Vital Card info and to receive it in the mail. I was then asked how I would like to receive it, La Poste 5-7 days for .75 cent or 2/3 day delivery for 3.99. I selected La Poste and entered my credit card info. After a wait of two weeks, and I never received anything I checked my credit card and it had not been charged. I concluded the process did not go through correctly the first time so I did it again. Please confirm how long it will take to receive my Carte Vital after completing this process, I have a confirmation this time ?


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Hello Panda,

You don't have to pay to receive your carte vitale. It is a phishing.

If you have already a carte Vitale, you won't receive a new one except if you declare the lost or if it's broken.

I advice you not to answer to this email.

If it's already done, I invite you to contact your bank company.

Have a nice day.

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