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How does a retiree from the US apply for la carte vitale

I am a retiree from the US, living in Paris but have never worked in France. I have a carte de séjour but understand that I need to obtain un numero de securité sociale before I can apply for my carte vitale. Please advise me of the process and where to obtain and submit any necessary forms. Thank you very much for your help.


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Hello Evergreengirl,

Thanks to the universal health protection scheme (PUMa), anyone who works or lives in France on a stable and regular basis for more than three months is entitled to have their health costs covered.

To apply, send the form S1106 "Demande d'ouverture de droit à l'assurance maladie" (application for entitlement to health insurance) together with the following documents to your local health insurance office:

- Copy of passport.

- Document proving legal residence in France (residence permit, visa, etc.).

- Birth certificate translated by a sworn translator (NB: you must provide an apostille on your document).

- Marriage certificate if necessary.

- A bank statement.

- Proof of residence proving that you have been in France for more than three months if you are not employed.

- A photocopy of a payslip or your employment contract if you are employed.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a provisional social security number.

As soon as your permanent number is available, you can order your Vitale card.

Have a nice day

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