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Card Vitale Documents for a particular case

Hello Amelie Team!

I need your help in the following situation:

My husband is an entrepreneur with his company based in Romania and has a contract collaboration with a French company. He will be working and travel in EU, Africa and Asia and between missions he will came in France for a couple of weeks before to return to work.

My husband is planning to move his company and fiscal residence definitely to France from November 2022.

Myself and my baby boy of 5 months old, we have already moved to France to keep our family together and for my baby boy to see his dad as often as he can. We have a RIB and now looking for a house to rent on long term.

I want for myself and my baby to have medical assistance, to be able to have a family doctor or to go to the specialist if we need.

I am in maternity leave accordingly to Romanian legislation( for two years) however I understood that I have to give up on this benefits once I have the card Vitale from France? I understand right?

In already started to learn French, in the near future I will start looking for a job however to register on pôle emploi is required a carte vitale.

I don’t want financial help from the French administration system, as we are doing fine with the finances.

We just want to get right all the paperwork so we can integrate as soon as possible.

Can you please let us know which documents are required to apply for the card Vitale in our particular case ?

Many Thanks,


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Hello Madalina,

Regarding your current maternity leave, I advise you to contact the romanian administration. Only they can answer your question.

To be covered by the french health care system, you can find the instructions in the following topic entitled: "New to France - Healthcare ?"

Have a good day

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