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Social Security Number Needed

My wife and I are here on Passport Talent visas. I'm a non-salarié manager of my branch office (succursale). Through we got temporary numbers, which is great for healthcare, but we need our real social security numbers to file and pay our taxes. I've contacted CPAM Paris (which handles Passport Talent visas) to no avail. Is there any way to get our social security numbers quickly, so we can do our taxes? Thanks.

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Hello uncaged,

Unfortunately, because of safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

The processing times vary depending on the type of files and the number of files being processed by your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM).

If you need help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English or French Advice Lines. Dial 36 46 for the French line and 09 74 75 36 46 for the English line.

Have a nice day.

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