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How do I obtain the COVID Health Pass if I had covid in France (in May) but I am now in my home country

Good morning,

I had covid in the end of May and I tried to get the certificate in my home country but they say that it is not possible since I had covid abroad and they do not have any information on that. How can I get the french COVID Health Pass that works abroad? I tried to find an email but no luck at all.

And I tried to call but it was only in french so I could not understand. Is there an email that I could contact to help me with this issue? By phone it's also more expensive but if there's no other way, I would like to know if there is a line where they speak english. Thank you!

Kind regards,


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L'Assurance Maladie is not able to provide you information regarding that.

Please read this page from the government :

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