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Registration for numero securite sociale failing: help?

My request started in October 2020 because I was not allowed to keep my original health insurance anymore (after 3 months of absent leave from my country of origin, you have to stop your health insurance). Ever since, I have sent in a lot of documents: birth certificate translated and original, copy of ID, French electricity bills, French bank statements, French working contract (started working since June 2021), etc. Sadly, my request has still not been completed. The last letter that I got from Ameli is 27th of May (which I received only 5th of June) which I responded to in 1 week by sending back the necessary documents. Sadly, I have not received any response to that letter, so I decided to call Ameli. I managed to get a phone appointment for 22 July 2021 11:00 - 11:30. Hours went by and nobody called, so I called back around 13:30. I finally got someone on the line, the employee told me she cannot find my dossier (which seems to always be the issue, there is no information whatosever available when I call Ameli?). She wanted to reschedule my appointment and before I could, the phone hung up. I instantly call back: fermeture exceptionellement? It was 14:30. My boyfriend and I have been trying to call Ameli several times now and have been hung up on every time before we can make an appointment. This is really frustrating and I am scared that I will never receive my rights in France (I am supposed to get RFPE from doing a course + chomage after this job). Help?


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Bonjour Marley11,

Unfortunately, because of safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

The processing times vary depending on the type of files and the number of files being processed by your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM).

If you need help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English or French Advice Lines.

More information in the following topic: How to call the French Health Insurance Advice Lines?

Have a nice day