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Using the EHIC after obtaining the permanent number

Yesterday I got a letter asking me to stick my passport style photo (luckily had 7 passport photos because I will soon apply for a passport in Greece) on it and return it with a photocopy of my ID card.
I noticed a new number is there, starting with 1 meaning it is permanent.

The thing is, I have a CEAM/EHIC as a temporary solution till I return back to France (I will be back in July till October and then come back to Greece to finish my studies and plan my permanent migration to France) but it has my provisional number (starting with 7).

Can I keep using it till its expiration date? Or I have to ask for a new one with my permanent number on it? Because someone (my friend who hosts me when I am in France) told me my card may not be valid anymore because it has the old number (the provisional one).
So, I'd like to confirm with you if that is the case.

Best regards.


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Bonjour truexfalse,

You can still use your CEAM card but i would recommand you to claim a new one with your permanent number. 

If you don't have an ameli account yet, please read this : "la création immédiate du compte ameli". You will be able to claim a new CEAM card from your account.

If you need help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English or French Advice Lines.

More information in the following topic: How to call the French Health Insurance Advice Lines?

Have a nice day

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