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Unable to see my social security number and create Ameli account

Hi, I have been living in France since 2018. I was a student in Grenoble and moved to Paris in 2019. Earlier my CPAM was in Grenoble and had by temporary social security number. I never received my Permanent social security number. I updated my location to Paris and I received a mail that my contact is changed to Yvelines and my social security number can no longer be processed in Vienne. I have been asked to submit my birth certificate but I do not where to submit it. I am unable to create Ameli account with temporary social security number. Can you please help me in creating Ameli account and get my permanent social security number in order to get Vitale card.


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Hello Sangeetha,

A similar question has already been answered on this forum. I advise you to visit this topic: Permanent social security number.

I advise you to send the document required to the CPAM which contacted you. The address should be at the bottom of the letter. 

Have a good day