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Self employed delay ?

I have applied to be a micro entrepreneur in November and my application is still pending, should I apply for my carte vitals whilst waiting. I have 3 months private heath cover remaining..



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Hello Pee,

For a registration as a self-employed, first you have to contact your local CCI (Chamber of Commerce) to declare your business activity and direct you to the "Centre de formalités des entreprises" (CFE) or another organization which should have sent your information to register you to the French health system.

If your matriculation wasn't automatic, you should send to your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM)

the following documents:

  • A proof of your self-employed status (letter from the Urssaf);
  • The printed S1106 Form "Application for membership in the French health care system", obtainable from the CPAM;
  • Birth certificates for you and your family (wife, husband, children, etc.), the long version one (with the name of your parents);
  • Marriage certificate;
  • For non-Europeans, official translation of the birth and marriage certificates into French, made by an official translator registered on a court of justice here in France, or by the consulate or the embassy;
  • Copy of the passport or ID copies;
  • For non-Europeans, copy of your visas or resident permits;
  • Proof of residency (Utility Bills, rental contract, etc.);
  • Particulars of your bank account (RIB - relevé d'identité bancaire/IBAN). These can be found readily available in your French cheque book;
  • If you have children, copy of their birth certificates and passport or ID with the form S3705 "Application to add minor children to one or both parents insurance accounts"

Have a nice day.

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