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English line is terrible, why?

Hi there, I applied for AME in November 2019. The card is valid for just 1 year from the date of application and can only be renewed within 2 months of it's expiration. I write this question in January 2021, over 13 months after my application I still have not received my card and every time I try to contact Amelie they either: 1. give me some bullsh*t excuse about not doing their job, or 2. the line doesn't connect, or 3. the line connects to a voicemail message that's in French so I don't know which numbers to dial or what to say to get through the line (why is your English line in French?), or 4. the line connects but the voicemail says that they are exceptionally closed (this happens about 90% of the times that I call within your open hours). Several times I have had to call the normal line and try to tell them that the English line is not working. After a >10 minute wait to get through to anybody, 100% of the time, the person that I get tells me 'No, you're wrong madame, it's working, I will transfer you now' and they preceed to transfer me to the English line that doesn't work. Are you all monkeys? Who trained you? ORGANISE YOURSELVES BETTER! Fire the terrible people that are "managing" this sh*tshow and hire non-French people to organise you all.


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